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The authentic food of India has been widely admired for its incredible use of spices and herbs. Indian cuisine is basically known for its massive assortment of dishes. At Maujan, we serve tasty, fresh, and spicy Indian food prepared using fresh spices, garam masalas which are made in-house.

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Maujan masterfully creates the tempting flavours and enticing aromas of a multitude of Indian cuisines, as we handpick our items with utmost care and source them from the best farmlands. What makes our food delicious and unique? Our precision in handpicking the spice combinations and the freshness of our sourced ingredients. Whether you are a spicy curry fan or a baby for delicious Indian sweets, Maujan is your destination to satisfy your hunger attacks.

Maujan blends the charisma of a vibrant and contemporary Indian restaurant along with an air of serenity and spirituality. Our tables await you, book now and experience a traditional taste of exquisite Indian cuisine. At Maujan, you’ll admire the diversity of classic Indian delicacies. You will get to taste some exciting Indian curries, flavoursome dishes, and try the best Indian sweets in Brampton. We cook food without losing the nutritious value of the ingredients while enriching the taste aided after using masalas and spices.

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What makes us stand out is our exquisite food and the precise balance of our chef’s expertise and the finest quality handpicked ingredients makes our recipes a success.